MPI Virginia Chapter Mobile App
Advertising Opportunities


Below, you will find detailed information regarding advertising opportunities for the MPI Virginia Chapter mobile app. To purchase or inquire more, please email Jeannie Power at or by phone at (716) 998-3921. If you are short on time or staff, Power Event Group can also assist on any level in designing your advertising assets, and even create them for you if needed (at no additional cost)!

About MPI Virginia Chapter & MPI

The Virginia Chapter of Meeting Professionals International is a professional association comprised of over 240 meeting planners, suppliers and affiliates. Our members include a wide spectrum of industry professionals who represent corporate, government, association and management companies, many of whom carry planning responsibilities for national and international meetings.

The chapter provides members with networking and professional development opportunities, and is a chapter of the Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the meeting and event industry’s largest and most vibrant professional community. MPI helps our members thrive by providing global human connections to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. MPI membership is comprised of more than 24,000 members.

About the App

The MPI Virginia Chapter Events App is being launched just in time for the upcoming 2016 Annual Education Conference! This is not a typical event app, that is created specifically for one event. This app will be used year round as an interactive mobile app. Members will be able to :

•  Easily interact year-round with other MPI Virginia Chapter members through a real-time activity feed, hosted in a closed and private community. 
•  View schedules and event information
•  Explore sessions and create personalized schedules
•  Access attendee/member, speaker, and sponsor information
•  Post updates and comments to sessions, sponsors, and a variety of ongoing discussion topics
•  Earn points, badges, and prizes simply for being active in the app

Advertising Opportunities


2016 Annual Conference App - Advertising Bundle - $500
Bundle includes each of the a-la-carte options ($150 savings):
•    1 Promoted Post (60 minutes each)
•    1 Custom Challenge & Branded Achievement Badge
•    1 Live Poll
•    Poll results and ad analytics (ad impressions and clicks) will be provided
        following the event

2016 Annual Conference App - À-la-carte advertising options:
•    1 Promoted Post - $250 (60 minutes each)
•    1 Custom Challenge & Branded Achievement Badge - $250
•    1 Live Poll - $150
•    Poll results and ad analytics (ad impressions and clicks) will be provided
       following the event


The MPI Virginia Chapter mobile app will be ongoing throughout the year for all other MPI Virginia meetings and activities. Beginning September 1, 2016, monthly advertising options will be available:


Monthly App Sponsor Package*: $350
•    In-app Sponsor Profile
        * push notification announcement of sponsorship
        * includes company logo, description, social media/web link,            downloadable documents
•    1 Promoted Post
•    1 Custom Challenge & Branded Achievement Badge
        * prize can be provided by sponsor for random prize drawing
          from users completing mission
•    1 Live Poll
•    Poll results and ad analytics (ad impressions and clicks) will be
        provided at the end of each month

*only one available per month


Detailed Advertising Descriptions


Promoted Post.png

Promoted Post
A Promoted Post is a message pinned to the top of the activity feed, which is a private, live feed in the app, similar to a Facebook or Twitter feed. The activity feed is typically the most accessed section of the app, and is the default screen the app opens to. A Promoted Post can effectively place your message in front of your audience. Promoted Posts during the conference will remain at the top of the activity feed for 60 minutes. Monthly promoted posts will be active the entire month. Analytics (ad impressions and clicks) will be provided.

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Live Poll.png

Live Poll
Collect information while creating brand awareness! A live poll appears on top of the Activity Feed while the poll is active. This is a great way to get your brand in front of the entire audience while collecting valuable information. Live polls remain active for 90 minutes. Poll results will be provided.


Custom Achievement Badge.png

Custom Achievement Badge
Provide one more reason for attendees to visit or interact with you by having a custom virtual badge for them to earn. Badges are earned by having attendees complete a specific task or challenge (i.e., visiting your booth, taking a photo with you, answering a trivia question,...). This challenge will be discussed and customized depending on the game style of the conference. 

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