Power Event Group - Event Technologists - Event Technology

Our business model is simple: Smoothly and seamlessly implement the best technology for each unique event.

Consider us your technology broker. We are not affiliated with any specific technology company, and work with you to analyze your event to determine and/or smoothly implement the technology that will be best for for your event. 

We can assist you with any level of technology you may need. From simply sourcing and recommending technology for you, implementing the technology for you, consulting when needed, or even "white labeling" us, with us serving as your own event technology department. 

We have 20 years of event planning experience, and are able to speak both "planner" and "tech" in order to ensure that you get only what you want and need. Our gears symbolize that we are the cogs that make the technology and planners work together smoothly and seamlessly.

While new technology is always emerging, here are a few common event technology solutions we can assist you with:

    • Online Registration
    • Mobile Event Apps
    • Event Gamification & Attendee Engagement
    • On-Site Technology Support
    • "White Labeled" Technology Department