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Event Technology Management

Event Technology is constantly changing!
Keeping up with rapidly changing event technology is more than a full time job. Meeting and event planners have enough to do without having to divert their focus from planning details to staying up to date on the newest technology and it's effective implementation. We're here to help!

Consider us your technology broker. We are not affiliated with any specific technology company, and work with you to analyze your event to determine and/or smoothly implement the technology that will be best for for your event. 

Power Event Group - Where Event Planning and Technology Meet


Event Technology Sourcing and Research - Power Event Group


We will work with you to identify your unique needs for your event. With both planning and technology expertise, we speak both "planner" and "tech". We can effectively communicate with you to explain the capabilities and limits of the vast amounts of technology available. Once your needs are identified, we will evaluate and identify the best technology for your specific needs. We aren't distracted by the "shiny new tech," (though we do like to play with it and test it!), and focus on what is actually best for your event.

Event Technology Integration - Power Event Group


Once you've chosen the right solution(s), you are on the right path to success. This is only the first step, though. Technology is awesome, as long as it works! Most technology failures come not from product failure, but from improper or inadequate management and integration.

To ensure your technology works smoothly and effortlessly, and will work the way you want it to, you need to know the complete ins and outs of the product. That is where we come in. We know you are awesome; and we also know there is never enough time during the day. One of our superpowers is being able to give you back more time in your day - by taking care of the technology for you! We can relieve this stress from you by creating and implementing a detailed plan for all of your event technology. 

On-Site Event Technology Support - Power Event Group

On-Site Assistance

To truly have a smooth and seamless event technology experience, you must have staff on-site dedicated to only the technology. Your event technology staff needs to know the complete ins and outs of the technology as well, in order to appropriately answer any questions that come up (and they will!).

We can help you with this, too. We will bring our knowledge to your event and provide as much on-site support as you need, freeing you and your staff to do what they do best, while ensuring your attendees have a fabulous experience.

White Label Technology Department - Power Event Group

Add Event Technology To Your Own Services

If you are looking to expand your services and grow your brand, we offer "white labeling" of our services. We can act as a true extension of your company and provide you with necessary guidance, estimates, proposals, implementation, and all other services regarding your event technology.

Event Technology Reporting - Power Event Group


Did the technology actually help your event? Did it provide a good ROI? Did it help improve the overall attendee experience? There is a tremendous amount of data that can be pulled to determine how users interacted with your technology but it can sometimes be difficult to digest and make sense of. 

We love data, graphs, and spreadsheets - and will dive in and crunch the numbers to provide you the reports and details you want and need to know about your event. We can provide you with necessary information about your attendees and sponsors, enabling you to continue improve your event.