We are event planning & technology experts!

Event planners are awesome! When we are not planning events, we take special pride in helping other planners harness the power of event technology. With so much planning and detail that goes into creating amazing events, many planners just do not have the time needed to stay up to date on the newest and most innovative event technology. With the knowledge of what event planners need, and the ability to speak the language of both event planner and event technologist, we can play a vital role in helping you create or transform your event into a seamless experience that is beneficial to all stakeholders.


Jeannie Power, CMP, DES
Co-Founder, Event Planner, & Event Technologist
(a.k.a. @eventtechnomad and event tech ninja)

Jeannie is a dynamic player in the event industry, with almost 20 years of experience. She started her first company, Event Elements, in upstate New York in 2004. Jeannie is a leading expert in the rapidly changing event technology field. With both event planning and technology expertise (and obsession with the newest tech gadgets!), Jeannie is able to speak to language of the event planner, and bridge the gap when it comes to event technology.

She earned her CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) from the Convention Industry Council in 2007. Jeannie enjoys the challenge of creating a customized and engaging attendee experience by thoughtfully integrating event technology. She has over 10 years of experience in online event registration management using a variety of software systems. Jeannie also has extensive experience integrating mobile apps and gamification into meetings and event design and has a Level 1 certification in Gamification Design. She is intrigued by the psychology behind integrating game thinking and mechanics into non-game contexts to solve problems and achieve goals. Jeannie is also a social media fangirl and is addicted to sharing information to improve the hospitality industry.

Jeannie is a Past President of Meeting Professionals International - Virginia Chapter and continues to play a key role in the organization. She is a speaker on event technology, speaking at events such as CMP Conclave, Smart Meetings, HSMAI MEET National, Reston Herndon Meeting Planners and the Virginia, Tennessee, and Philadelphia Chapters of Meeting Professionals International.

In her spare time, Jeannie volunteers with Adopt-A-Spot Dalmatian rescue, enjoys geocaching with her family and long naps on the weekends. 

email | jeannie@powereventgroup.com
phone | (716) 998-3921
twitter | @eventtechnomad

Josh Power, M. Ed., BME
Co-Founder, Event Technologist, & Event Photographer
(a.k.a. renaissance man)

Josh has been called by some a modern "Renaissance Man.” His formal schooling began in music education and ended with a Masters in Educational Leadership. When it was time for a change after 12 years of teaching in the public school system, the concept of teaching, learning, and communication stayed strong with him. With these skills, this life change led Josh to the beginnings of two separate companies, both looking to make a positive change in the event industry.

In 2010, he founded Josh Power Photography, a specialized corporate event photography studio, focusing on telling the amazing stories and capturing the special moments that event planners create every day with their events. This provided Josh with invaluable insights into the many different facets of events.

In 2015, he joined Jeannie as they rebranded her event planning company to introduce Power Event Group to the event industry, focusing on managing event technology, such as online registration builds, attendee management, and mobile event apps.

While teaching, photography, and event technology may seem completely different at first glance, they have each provided Josh with different skills and knowledge. When combined, they have allowed him to engage with events from a very unique perspective and skillset. His main goal is to solve problems and to create a smooth, seamless, memorable, and high quality experience for attendees, as well as a profitable and enjoyable experience for clients and planners.

email | josh@powereventgroup.com
phone | (757) 876-3882
twitter | @joshpowerphoto
linkedin | https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-power/